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Welcome to Tellem ESL

What We Do

  • We resource ESL materials so you don’t have to.
  • We have created various ESL eBooks to help both teachers and students simplify the learning and teaching process.
  • Vocabulary Guides for beginner Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish speakers.
  • We do online conversational English lessons.

We are an ESL company that specializes in creating conversational English resources for teachers and students. We believe that having a go-to platform like this can greatly reduce the time a teacher spends preparing lessons, giving them more time to focus on teaching, which helps to create a stress-free teaching day and a better work-life balance. Being teachers ourselves, we know how important having that balance is.

The company was founded by Emerald Johnson, a South African-born native English speaker. She holds a master’s degree in educational leadership and administration, is TESOL certified, and is a qualified early childhood educator with numerous years of teaching experience under her belt. Her goal for this platform is to simplify the teaching process for educators and the learning process for students.

Our resources make it easier for teachers to deliver online or in-person classes. We cover a number of topics. Our platform has ready-made material that can be allocated to students as homework assignments or classroom activities. Our content includes carefully selected YouTube videos to keep classes engaging and to aid in the learning process. We only source the best materials across the web to create structured learning materials for your classes. Tellem ESL believes in visual learning and strongly focuses on giving real-life context where possible. Many of our resources include learning games to keep classes exciting. We do the work so you don’t to!

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